Paco Generation Series 20″ Ride Cymbal

Manufacturer: Paco
Weight: 14.000
Dimensions: 24x24x14

Special A cool sounding wash with clean stick articulation and a cutting bell make this 20″ Generation ride cymbal a perfect choice for all styles of music. An added bonus is that this cymbal has good crash qualities. Made with old world techniques, the Generation Series cymbals are completely handmade from B20 bronze. Paco cymbals are a completely professional line of cymbals, comparable to anything on the market today! Paco Generation Series cymbals have a traditional lathed finish and have a medium thin weight. Machine hammering is used for a cool consistent sound. Similar to medium thin A type cymbals, they have a quick attack and would be at home in any genre of music.


  • Stick sound: clean and bright
  • Weight: medium thin
  • Sustain: medium
  • Finish: traditional lathed
  • Sound: lively with shimmering cool overtones

Price: $69.99 $100.95


Tips on Learning Your Instrument Faster

It seems a lot of people are obsessed with anything relating to the word "fast." Fast food, fast cash...why, even learning an instrument has become faster. Although personally I don't have anything against short cuts, I still believe that if you want to achieve something, you have to work hard for it. The short cuts are there just in case you need it but it shouldn't always be your first option.

In learning a musical instrument, I have come up with "The Three P's" for you to remember if you want to master your instrument faster.

Pay Attention

Listen and give your instructor your full attention when you're in class. Bring a notebook and pen and jot down any information, tips or advice your instructor has that will further help your music playing. Ask your instructor if you have any questions or point of clarification.


Learning an instrument is hard at the beginning so you must be very patient with yourself. Don't be discouraged if for the first few months you feel you're making slower progress than the rest of your class. Each of us learn differently and it doesn't necessarily mean that if you learn slower you're not as good as them. Stick to your lessons and you'll be surprised at how much you've improved in the end.


Ahhh, every music student will hear this saying, "Practice makes perfect." It's true, the more you practice playing your instrument, the better you become at it. Set a time each day for practice and discipline yourself to stick to your schedule. You'll see, in no time you'll be playing beautiful music and you'll be pleased with the progress you've made.