New USB In-out Midi Interface Cable Converter Pc to Music Keyboard Adapter HOT


This sturdy MIDI interface cable is self-powered and connects to your computer's USB port. No need for tools or computer disassembly, it's the simplest & most convenient way to connect a keyboard or controller to a computer. Gives you the power to play songs on your keyboard or other controller, then mix and edit them on your home computer/laptop with any sequencing or recording software you have installed & play them back on the built-in synth or an any out-board synth!


Easy to install with built-in driver; USB powered, no AC adapter needed

1 in + 1 out MIDI interface; 16 MIDI input channels & 16 MIDI output channels

LED power indicator; MIDI in & out signal indicator; Supports: Windows Vista/XP and Mac OS X

Turn your PC into a music studio by connecting a music keyboard to your computer with the USB MIDI cable with the input/output

Package Includes:

1 X USB To Midi Keyboard Converter Adapter

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Tips on Deciding Which Music Instrument to Study

If you are thinking of learning how to play an instrument, the vast choices of music instruments out there can be overwhelming, especially for a beginner. Here are some tips to guide you on your decision.


Think about how much you can spend on an instrument; what is the cost, can you afford to buy or rent it? Look at your budget and see exactly how much you can spend on this endeavor.

Weight of the Instrument

If you're a parent and you want your child to learn a certain instrument, always keep in mind the weight and length of the instrument. Obviously, kids have shorter arms and fingers than adults and they aren't capable of lifting a lot of weight. This is essential to keep in mind especially when your child has to carry his instrument when he goes to his lessons or practice sessions.


If you are thinking of enrolling in music lessons, group lessons are often less expensive than private lessons. Also, music lessons in your child's school is cheaper, plus it will be more fun for him to learn in a group especially if his friends are there as well.


The most important factor to consider when thinking of what instrument to study is the player's interest. What instrument are you (or your child) keenly interested in? Analyze your options and if possible, try out different types of instruments. Finally, pick the one you feel is the best fit for you.